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steve wozniakSteve Wozniak

A Silicon Valley icon and philanthropist for the past three decades, Steve Wozniak helped shape the computing industry with his design of Apple’s first line of products the Apple I and II and influenced the popular Macintosh. In 1976, Wozniak and Steve Jobs founded Apple Computer Inc. with Wozniak’s...

biz stoneBiz Stone

Christopher Isaac “Biz” Stone is a co-founder of Twitter, Obvious, Medium, and Jelly. His first startup was Xanga in 1999. Stone co-founded his latest venture, Jelly, with Ben Finkel. Jelly was launched in 2014 and is described as a new kind of search engine with the core assumption that...

oscar salazarOscar Salazar

He is one of the three original founders and the former CTO of the international transportation tech company known as Uber. He currently sits on an advisory board at Uber while serving as a founder of medical start-up Pager and a Vice President of Technology at tech start-up Ride. One of Salazar’s primary focus and new found...

daniel ekDaniel Ek

A serial entrepreneur and technologist who started his first company in 1997 at the age of 14 and co-founded Spotify in 2006 together with Martin Lorentzon. As the CEO of Spotify, Daniel’s role is to guide the vision and strategy of the company as it grows.  Leading the management team,...

george blankenshipGeorge Blankenship

Ex ejecutivo de Tesla Motors, Apple Computer y GAP Inc., George Blankenship aporta 30 años de experiencia internacional en estrategia, retail y bienes raíces a sus audiencias. Recientemente irrumpió la industria automotriz, redefiniendo el compromiso con los clientes y revolucionando la experiencia de compra de autos en su papel ejecutivo en Tesla...

felipe-gomezFelipe Gómez

Felipe Gómez despierta el virtuosismo y el potencial emprendedor de su equipo para así lograr verdadera innovación al interior de su organización.

david-castejonDavid Castejon

Inquieto, innovador, apasionado por el Marketing y amante permanente de los procesos de aprendizaje y enseñanza. Cree firmemente en las buenas prácticas del Marketing y en la capacidad de generarle mejor calidad a las personas por medio de la disciplina.

Captain Richard PhillipsCapitán Richard Phillips

Captain Richard Phillips became the center of an international drama in April 2009, when his ship was hijacked by Somali Pirates. His dramatic story was later transformed into an Academy-Award nominated film, Captain Phillips, starring Tom Hanks.

kai-kightKai Kight

As a classical violinist turned innovative composer, Kai Kight uses music as a metaphor to inspire individuals and organizations across the world to compose paths of imagination and fulfillment.
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