Speakers con Dinámica

DrumCafeDrum Cafe

Feel the energizing effects of the drum circle throughout the day, creating unity and comradely. Create the ideal start and ending to your conference, leaving delegates relaxed, focused and connected. Adding an interactive drumming element to your conference will make it exciting, energising and unforgettable. Energise the opening and...

passing_zoneThe Passing Zone

The Passing Zone is one of the most inventive, successful and funny duos working today. Jon Wee and Owen Morse have more awards, accolades and experience than most performers achieve in a lifetime, and according to these guys, they’re just getting started! You’ll have a difficult time deciding whether...

juan de lascurainJuan de Lascurain

Las conferencias de Juan de Lascurain son originales, inspiradoras y logran crear un cambio en los participantes. La conferencia de ¨Sueña en Grande¨ es una herramienta de desarrollo personal para los participantes al igual que el taller de pintando el mural puede reforzar el tema de trabajo en equipo.