Abraham Levy

“If something scares me, and I consider extremely dangerous, is to leave your dreams for later, thinking that life will give you the opportunity to make them true further in life”

At the age of 26, Abraham decides to quit his job of cellphone selling for a project he dreamt about throughout the years: Meet every single corner of the Mexican coast. In 2008 he became the first and only man in sailing the whole Mexican coast in a kayak by his own.

Since then, he has set a course into several exploration projects. The most recent, in 2014, he rowed 106 days sailing from Puerto Palos, Spain, to Cancún, México in an oceanic rowing boat (ORB). To achieve it, he had to give around one million stoke of oars by day, driving with the almost 2 tones of the boat, including the equipment required to sail, plotter, satellite telephone, flares, and VHF radio, that alouds the communication with near ships, becoming the first man in history in making this journey.

“Our Mexican people has a history connected to this rout that started over 500 years ago. Me, as a kid, wondered what would the first explorers had felt when they dared to get where no one had gone and didn’t know if the world would end. I now relive this by rowing this rout”.


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