Alex Zanardi

Alessandro “Alex” Zanardi is an Italian racing driver and Para cyclist.

He won two CART championship titles in North America during the late 1990s. He also had a less successful career as a Formula One driver.

More recently, he has attracted widespread praise for his return to competition . the aftermath of a crash in 2001 that resulted in the amputation of his legs. He returned to racing less than two years after the accident, competing in the FIA World Touring Car Championship for BMW Team Italy-Spain between 2003 and 2009.

Switching sports, Zanardi took up competition in hand biking, a form of Paralympic cycling, with the stated goal of representing Italy at the 2012 Summer Paralympics. In September 2011, Zanardi won his first senior international hand biking medal, the silver medal in the H4 (Hand bike) category time trial at the UCI World Road Para-Cycling Championships.

Despite all his adversity, Alex reinvented himself to become a champion once more. He shares his achievements and proves how there is no reason why we can’t do the same regardless of how impossible our goals may appear. He is the ultimate example of someone who made the best of his situation and thrived.