Álvaro Gordoa

Álvaro is a public image consultant, he advises distinguished members in the political, business, and entertainment sector, in the areas of creation and adjustment in their public image. He is the partner and director of “Grupo Imagen Pública”, as well as a master and Ph.D. in the topic.

Dr. Gordoa teaches the subject of “Fundamentos de Imagología” in undergraduate levels, as well as “Public Image of Engineering” in masters level, and “Verbal and Non-verbal Image” in certifications.

Dr. Richar Bandler, creator of PNL, certified him as “Conversational Change Specialist”, he has trained more than 2,000 persons in the use of the spoken word; he has also advised businessmen and political candidates, in the debate areas and the creation of speeches.

He is a magister in Education Management of Ibero-America, which is granted by the Ibero-American Council on Education, In addition, he holds an MBA degree specialized in Strategic Administration.

He is a well-known speaker and coach, with collaborations in press, radio, and T.V, where he practiced his leader’s opinion. He is the author of the books “Imagen cool” and “El método H.A.B.L.A”


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