Alvaro Uribe

Alvaro Uribe is recognized as the President who transformed Colombia, remembered and admired as the person who rescued the country and transformed it into the star of South America.

Upon becoming President, in August 2002, he found a country surrounded by the guerrillas and sunken by uncertainty and desolation. Eight years later, he delivered a safe and vigorous country, respected by the international community as one of the most attractive countries for foreign investment.

He was President of Colombia from 2002 to 2010 with very high popularity ratings and visible accomplishments in security and economic growth. With his famous motto of “work, work and work”. During his two government terms, he managed to completely neutralize the main reason for the strong paralysis, destabilization, and terrorism in Colombia: the terrorist group FARC.

These results managed to put Colombia under the international scope as one of the countries with the most agility on the path to development, having been highlighted by Business Week magazine as one of the most attractive countries for investment in emerging markets.

But even more important than his accomplishments in security, President Uribe managed to connect with his people; understand the problems of the Colombians; and demonstrate, with his attitude and actions, that he really cared for the people. This is why he ended his eight-year term in government with a popularity and acceptance rate above 80%.

Uribe’s government’s blunt results where the reason that in the elections on August 2010, the candidate from his same party, Juan Manuel Santos, won with the most votes in Colombian history.

Nowadays, he remains very active in political life and in the international arena. He is associated with the prestigious Georgetown University as a Distinguished Scholar in the Global Leadership practice. Likewise, by direct request of Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, he is the leader of the panel in charge of the investigation on the incident of the Gaza flotilla.

He is also very active in the international circuit as a speaker, participating in a number of high-level events. As if all this was not enough, he also has a very important leadership roll in his own political party, The U Party.

Perseverance, coherence, strength, and discipline are only a few of the elements that have marked Doctor Uribe’s life. His undeniable achievements, his ease at expressing himself and his unmatchable intelligence, along with his warm and authentic style, have made him into one of the most requested and applauded speakers in many different stages across Latin America and the world.


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