Ana María Salazar

A renowned specialist on national security issues and the US-Mexico bilateral relationship, she is a graduate lawyer from Harvard Law School and the University of California at Berkeley.

Ana María Salazar Slack currently hosts a weekly TV program in Spanish in Project 40 entitled “Total Security” and two radio newscasts in English, with national coverage, “Image News” and “Living in Mexico” in Grupo Imagen.

She is the author of the book “The next Wars” (New Century / Aguilar 2003), in addition to having published “National Security today. Democracies’ Challenges. ”(Nuevo Siglo / Aguilar 2002.) In 2003 she led the MVS Channel 52 night news, and the weekly program “Vote for Vote”. Before joining MVS, she provided regular comments and analysis for Televisa on the Joaquín López Dóriga night news and on the morning news “En Contrast” and “Adela AM”.

On the radio she was a contributor to the “Business Dome” programs, conducted by Oscar Mario Beteta and “Enfoque” with Leonardo Curzio. She weekly publishes a column on security and justice issues in newspapers such as “El Universal”, “El Imparcial”, “La Crónica”, “La Frontera”, “El Informador”, and in the US in “La Opinion”.

The most recent public office she held was that of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Drug Policy and Support of the United States Department of Defense. In this position, she administered and supervised a budget of more than one billion dollars per year, to support drug programs in the USA and twenty other countries. Due to her performance in the Pentagon, Hispanic Business Magazine recognized her in 2000 as one of the 100 Most Influential Hispanic Americans in the USA. Among her other governmental appointments, the one of political adviser in the White House for the special envoy for the Americas, of the president of the United States in 1998 stands out. In the White House, she coordinated the policies to develop the president’s agenda towards Latin America and the Caribbean , on issues related to the administration of justice, anti-drug cooperation, education, human rights, democracy and commerce.

Prior to the appointment in the White House, from 1995 to 1997, she was a special advisor in the Office of International Anti-Narcotics Affairs of the State Department.

During her four years in Colombia, among other positions she held, judicial attaché at the United States embassy in Bogotá stands out. Also in Colombia and Guatemala, she was the coordinator of multi-million dollar projects aimed at improving the administration of justice.

She has received multiple awards including the medal for Outstanding Public Service and Joint Meritorious Award from the US Secretary of Defense. The Military Medal-Ministry of Defense from the President of Colombia, the Naval Order Admiral Padilla of the Colombian Navy and Henry G. Bennett Fellow of the Oklahoma State University.

Currently, Ana María Salazar directs Grupo Salazar, an international consultancy dedicated to providing technical assistance, seminars and conferences on issues related to security, as well as giving workshops and training in leadership, negotiation techniques and other mechanisms for the peaceful resolution of conflicts.