Araceli Segarra

In addition to accomplishing sports achievements, Araceli is an excellent communicator who has been invited to T.V shows, and has developed at the same time, a modeling career.

With only 20 years, she climbed Mount Kenya located in Africa, with an overall height of 5,180 m. At 21, she organized her first expedition to the Himalaya, in the Peak Ancha Mount in Pakistán, one of the 14 mountains with more than 8,000 meters high in the world. Even though she couldn’t reach the top by herself, the expedition was a success, reaching the 7,100 meters high.

In 1992 while she was in Barcelona, she climbed the mount “Sisha Pragma 8008” at the Tibet, next to an international group of rock- climbers. They reached the top without oxygen, sherpas or ropes, in a rout that had only been climbed once.

In 1995 she was part of a Catalan expedition to Tibet, in order to climb the Everest North Face, becoming the first Spanish woman in climbing The Everest, in addition, she had an appearance in the IMAX movie “Everest”. The expedition also inspired the book of the National Magazine Geographic of Everest, she also worked as an assessor for the movie “Seven Years in Tibet”.


Since then, she has started a successful career as a speaker, where she uses her experience and communication skills to deliver a powerful message, linked with the reality of every-day in the world of business for companies all around the world.


Her conferences are very interactive and give a deep and experienced vision on important issues like leadership, teamwork, and goal achievements.