Baltazar Garzón

Degree in Law, magistrate of the National Audience since 1988 with competition in terrorism, drug trafficking, money laundering, organized economic crime and extraditions. During this period, he resigned his post and become Secretary of Delegated State of the government for the National Plan about Drugs in 1994.

The fight against impunity, the creation of an international criminal Court and, definitely, the preservation of the Human Rights in humanity are the constants that mark the trajectory of Baltasar Garzón Real, which he defends with passion in conferences, courses, congresses, and publications.

He has been awarded with the title of Honoris Causa doctor by the Benemérita University of Puebla, México, National University of Rosario, Argentina; New School University, New York; National University of Quilmes, Argentina; Autonomous University Tomás Frías de Potosí, Bolivia; and National University of la Plata, Argentina.

He is part of the following organizations: Declaration of Paris, declaration against corruption; the group Friends of the Coalition of International Criminal Court(CICC) of New York; Scientific Committee of the Global Program against Corruption, organized by the Institute of the Prevention of Crime and Criminal Justice of the United Nations(UNICRI) and the Center of International Prevention of Crime(CICP); ad hoc Committee of the Defense of the Human Rights, Bogotá(Colombia); and Scientific Committee of the magazine “Proyecto”.

He is the co-founder of “L’appel de Genéve”, a movement of European magistrates, initiated in Geneva by seven magistrates, and co-founder of the committee Drugs-No. He has been a member of the International Politic Mission in Colombia with the foundation of Robert Kennedy Cuomo, at the behest of the Confederation of the non-governmental human rights association.

Among others, he has received the following distinctions: Plum Award for the fight of human rights, given by the Plum Foundation in Denmark; award for the Civic Living of the Ermua Forum; award extraordinaire for Social Commitment granted by the Young Entrepreneurs Confederacy.; a gold medal to Merit of National Plan about Drugs. Also in 2003, the candidature for the Nobel Peace award was presented.


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