Bárbara Anderson

Director of editorial Innovation from Grupo Milenio in which she creates multiplatform content since 2013. Creator of the fórum área of the media área, with the amount of around two monthly events, Everyday she signs her column “Nada personal, solo negocios”, which is published in the nine printed national editions and in the internet site Milenio.com

She is the host of three TV shows in Milenio Television: “Milenio Negocios TV”, “Radar Anderson” and “La Conversación”.

During his leadership, Milenio Group was acknowledged by the Global Innovation Prices INMA (Marketing Media International Asociation) winning the prize for the Best Printed Product thanks to the redesigning of the content and image in all the products of Milenio during their 9 national editions.

In her native country, she was editor of the magazines “Mercado” and “Punto a Punto”, and since her arrival to México in 2002, she worked as Associate Editor and General Editor (The first woman in the 40 years of the publishing) of the magazine “Expansión”, after that, she was named Director of the feminine publications of the group “Elle”, “Instyle”, “Quién”, quien.com and “Balance”.

Barbara Anderson has a son with cerebral palsy, this has made her an activist of human rights of people with disabilities, making accessible and inclusive the newest laws that helped built the bases of the Telecommunications and the Education Reform.


About her conference
Business world: The local and international variables, and how they are a wake- up moment for the companies and business in México. News about local business, trends, and innovation, linked with finances. Few slides and a lot of examples. A clear and direct talk that doesn’t stay in numbers and data, on the contrary, analyzes in a simple way the economic and financial actual facts.


What does the audience take?
Concrete Ideas. Local examples. Precise data and economics information, finances and relevant business for the decisionmaking.