Carlos Alazraki

CEO and founding president from Alazraki y Asociados Publicidad, an agency winner of several prices. Carlos is President of the Mexican Advertising Asociation.

He worked in successful political campaigns, such as Carlos Hank’s, Luis Donaldo Colocio’s, Ernesto Zedillo’s and Roberto Madrazo’s. He created the slogan “Bienestar para tu familia” for Zedillo in 1994, and “Dale un Madrazo al Dedazo” for Madrazo in the elections of 2000.

In 2005 he joined Roberto Madrazo’s presidential campaign in substitution of Roberto Gaudelli. Carlos Alazraki has a degree in Information Sciences by the Universidad Iberoamericana, México. He started his professional career in the United States with the agencies “Hal Greenfader”, “Publicis Romero” and “JWT”; each one of them from which he was fired. He then moved to Spain and started working at Ibérica Televisión, in which he filmed 13 Tv shows, as well as a movie side by side with his father Benito Alazraki.

Back in México, he worked for Telesistema Mexicano (currently Televisa) with Luis de Llano, who moved to Channel 13 (currently TV Azteca) in 1970, when it was still a governmental company. Alazraki joined him as the programming director, but years later he was fired because he hit someone that insulted Luis de Llano at a meeting.

During this time, his father in law asked him for a recommendation of a publicity agency so he could create his pants collection. That’s when he decided to create Alazraki-Rodriguez Publicidad which later became Alazraki & Asociados Publicidad.

In 1996, he produced the movie “Directamente al cielo”.

It was in 2005 when he worked with Sanborns for 15 years, Telmex and Sección Amarilla, Posadas and Cerveza Victoria for 8 years, and with Comex for 10 years.

He currently works in television projects for Canal 40.

Alazraki has been a member of the “Publicity Hall of Fame” since 1991, and in 2003 he was named one of the 300 most influential leaders.