Carlos Bianchi

Carlos Bianchi is one of soccer’s technical directors with the most wins in the world, but his trophy showcase may not display his biggest credential, the one he used to win unanimous recognition: his ability to drive, motivate and achieve good results.

A conference with simple, concise definitions, full of common sense and true to his way of being full of good humor. How to lead, motivate and obtain good results: Carlos Bianchi tells us from his experience, the keys that led him to obtain all the results that can be asked from a leader in the soccer world.


The keys to success according to Bianchi
1. Have intelligent people.
2. Being a hundred percent professional, regardless of the money one receives as compensation.
3. Always think of the group more than in oneself.
4. Always set the example for others, and
5. Respect everyone equally, from the most hierarchical to the most novice.


15 titles:
With Vélez, 6: Clausura ’93, Apertura ’95, Clausura ’96, Libertadores ’94, Intercontinental ’94, Interamericana ’96.

With Boca, 9: Apertura ’98, Clausura ’99, Libertadores 2000, Intercontinental
2000, Apertura 2000, Libertadores 2001, Libertadores 2003, Apertura 2003, Intercontinental 2003.