Carlos Glatt

With his spontaneous style, inclusive and full of surprises, Carlos teaches us very deep concepts of innovation and transforms them into a fresh and fun journey to achieve forever lasting results in the minds of fellow listeners. “Creativity absorbs with creativity”.

Specialized in Design Thinking thanks to his degree in Industrial Design and an MBI (Master of Business Innovation) and several postgraduates in Creativity and Marketing, he develops products and services worldwide. He is an external consultant to big international companies.

An explosive mix that has been showed in the best selling book” Giro de 720º: Curiosidad, Creatividad y Felicidad”( 720º turn: curiosity, creativity, and happiness”).

Social entrepreneur committed with the necessities of the millennial, he nowadays directs the Project “Glatt Stove”, considered as the best solution to fix the problem of cooking with firewood, which affects over three thousand million individuals and kills more than four million people worldwide, each year.

Carlos is the initiator and creator of “Piranha Joe”, international Brand with a presence in more than 16 countries, with stores focused on travelers. A fun, irreverent and consolidated in USA, Jamaica, Bahamas, Mexico and all the Caribbean.

Carlos produces and directs the TV program ”Criaturas Creativas”(Creative Creatures) in Channel 40, with interviews to famous National people such as “Chepo” de la Torre, Mastretta, Sebastian…, where they analyze together the creativity they used to accomplish personal and commercial success.

Winner of numerous awards for innovation. His works have been exposed in Bellas Artes, MUMEDI, Franz Meyer Museum and product fairs in Mexico, New York, and Orlando, among others.

Yo Futuro
A trip of 90 minutes in which the attendees understand that creativity is not divine and one-off phenomena. It’s more like a process that involves that begins with curiosity and leads us to satisfactory rewards. An inspiration for life.

It’s a massive talk/workshop that promotes innovation in the attendees through a Design thinking process, that in one way teaches the participants to create and imagine and in the other to develop a solution to a specific problem in a Company.