Carlos Páez

On Friday October 13, 1972, an Uruguayan plane that carried 45 passengers to Chile, many of which were students and a team of rugby players, crashed into the Andes Mountains. Twelve died during the crash. The survivors had to outlive, among other situations, the fearsome mountain range; thirty degrees below zero Celsius during the nights and hunger. They tried to survive with the scarce food supplies they possessed, hoping to be rescued, but their hope fell when they heard through the radio, that their search and rescue party had been abandoned.

Desperate by the absence of food and their physical resistance exhausted, they were forced to feed off their dead companions in order to continue living. Finally, fed up with the very low temperatures, the menacing avalanches, distressed by the death of their companions and the slow wait to be rescued, two of the ruby players decided to cross the immense mountain range to reach Chile.

This is how, on the 22 of December 1972, after spending 72 days totally isolated from everything, the world found out that sixteen survivors defeated death in the Andes Mountains.

Carlos Páez, known as The “Man of Iron Temper” is one of the 16 survivors who stayed for 72 days in the Andes Mountains.

He is an agricultural technician who graduated from the University of Labor of Uruguay, who worked in this activity for ten years. In 1992, he entered the advertising world as part of the creative team of Nivel – Publicista.

He founded his agency, Rating Publicidad and was the director of Bates Uruguay Publicidad. Carlos currently, in addition to his activities as a lecturer, runs his company in communication and public relations consulting.