Carlos Valderrama

Carlos “El Pibe” Valderrama is the son of Carlos Valderrama and Juana Palacio. His father, known in the football world as “Jaricho”, was a professional player, who was part of the departmental Selection of Magdalena, as well as with the professional team.

“El Pibe” is the brother of other former football players, like Alan and Ronald Valderrama: as well as the cousin of Didí Alex Valderrama y Miguel González Palacio.

Carlos played after school in the sand pitch of Pescaito neighborhood in Santa Maria, football players for many years.

Even though he is known as “El Pibe”, people also call him “Mono” (a word used by the Colombians for people with blonde hair). He is also called “Sorbo”, only by the people who are really close to him, given by his friend Hernando Ariza one time he offered him a beer when he was only 16 years old; at the beginning “El Mono” refused, but Ariza insisted, asking him to just take a sip, but the future captain of Colombia refused again.


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