Daniel Habif

Daniel Habif is considered one of the best young motivational speakers in Latin America. He is a professional provoker, lover of human wiring and the science of happiness.

Daniel gives shocking and powerful conferences about leadership, entrepreneurship, sales, mind and spirit, approach, attitude, discipline,visión and Self-control.

He has done more than 220 conferences in the last year and a Half, having reached 250,000 people in the Mexican Republic and Latin America. He has participated in fórums, such as: TEDx, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Senate of the Republic, INJUVE, INADEM, Alto Nivel, Economic Forum, International innovation fórum, among others.

He has created workshops, seminars and transformational experiences for national companies, universities and high schools in all México.

He also participated with governments, institutions, national and international brands like Honda, Las Vegas, Acura, Nissan, HSBC, Kenzo, American Express, Royal Prestige, Habita Group, Nestlé, Jumex, between others.

Publicist, creative producer, and international and national artist adviser. He has 26 years of experience in the communication industry, where he has taught training programs about leadership, marketing, creativity, publicity, production, human resources and sales.

He is the main leader and creator of the movement #INQUEBRANTABLES. (#UNBREAKABLES)


About his conference.
Life experiences that shock your Mind, soul, and spirit. Your life standards will never be the same.

Talks and Workshops.

1. Failure does not exist.
2. Mad and hungry.
3. Forgiveness or revenge?
4. The power of focusing.
5. Unbreakables.
6. Visionaries.
7. Sell without hunger.
8. A willing leader.
9. The virtue of attitude.
10. Together forever.

Duration: 45 to 90 minutes.




  • Español