Deborah Berebichez

Berebichez is a Mexican woman that has challenged the conventions about women’s part in all sciences. An accomplished author, philosopher, polyglot of 5 languages and TV caster. Her curiosity about understanding and explaining the why of the world that is around us has taken her to the highest academic spheres.

Deborah is the first Mexican woman to get a doctorate in Physics by the University of Stanford.

For her doctoral dissertation in Stanford, she invented an effective technique to approach wireless signals in specific places. This method allows for secure communications between selected users inside the buildings. The applications of his technique reach the fields of medicine and hospitality. Deborah has also published investigation articles in the field of nanoengineering.

Nowadays she co-stars the TV series “Outrageous Acts of Science”(“Locolab” in Latin America) of Discovery/Science Channel. Each episode of the program presents the most Smart, fun, bizarre, daring and shocking videos being followed by comments of a group of renowned scientists that explain each one. Deborah also co-starred in the TV series “Humanamente impossible” (“Humanly impossible”) in 2011 and produced by National Geographic. She regularly appears as an expert guest in NOVA, CNN, MSNBC, Travel Channel and numerous international communication media. The work of Deborah in scientific education and dissemination has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal, in Oprah, Dr.Oz, TED, Wired, Ciudad de las ideas, among others.

“I have worked all my life to acquire knowledge and abilities to communicate science in a fun and relevant way. I want to be the new Carl Sagan of science”, she says. Her passion is to encourage the young ones to learn more about science and math through fun topics that mix entertainment with science behind daily life.

After her doctorate, Deborah accomplished two more post-doctorates in applied Math and Physics at the University of Columbia and the University of New York, where they lead investigations about electromagnetic waves and nanotechnology. She has been named John C.White Fellow in the Association of Exterior Politics, has won the Star Award of the Hispanic-American Society of Engineers(SHPE) and has received the award of “Top Latina Tech Blogger” of the Association of Latins in Social Media(LATISM).

Besides her work in Television, Deborah works as a scientist of the big data in “ThoughtWorks” in New York.