Dr. Brynn Winegard

Dr. Brynn Winegard is an award-winning professor with a formal education in Neuroscience, Psychology, Marketing, and Strategy (HSBc, MBA, PhD), coupled with over a decade in corporate marketing working for Pfizer, Nestle, and Johnson & Johnson Inc. While Professor Winegard retains positions as Faculty at Schulich School of BusinessDeGroote School of Business, and University of Guelph, she has now dedicated herself to helping others through speaking about ‘Building Better Business Brains’ to groups, organizations and companies, stemming from her research, which combines business and brain sciences.

Brynn combines real-world experience with frontier research to deliver impactful programming that will be sure to please your audiences and elevate their daily business.

When Dr. Brynn isn’t speaking, she is a regularly featured expert in television, radio, and print.

Brynn is passionate about business, brain science, the intersection of business and brain science, speaking, dogs, golf, tacos, and travel.



Human brains have natural ‘fault-lines’ that lead to easier persuasion, influence, and compliance. In order to be better at persuading or influencing people, you just have to know where these fault-lines are.

Like a form of ‘cognitive jujitsu’, in order to be our best at sales, we have to know what the tricks are that the human brain plays on itself that render it more easily influenced or persuaded.

Dispelling some of the common myths and exciting audiences with new and neat brain facts, Dr. Winegard excites and energizes audiences by delving into something we all have – a human brain.

This keynote will leave audiences newly informed, inspired, ready to tackle their greatest sales challenges. After all, we are all looking for some version of compliance from just about everyone we meet all day long.


  • 60-min Interactive, High-Energy Keynote.
  • Learn the 8 lessons of persuasion and influence.
  • Gain insight for ensuring compliance from anyone.
  • Understand better how the human brain really works.
  • Get new tools for better brain-based sales and selling.


Brain-Based Insights for Better Leadership

Good leaders are skilled at attracting and energizing followership—these are skills that are latent in most of us and can certainly be taught, according to the tenants of neuroleadership. Developing yourself as an effective leader in this vain requires a solid grasp of human psychology, emotional intelligence, as well as the neural and cognitive factors that really engage, mobilize, and energize people.

As we look through the lens of neuroleadership’s SCARF model, which defines the five domains of social experience that activate strong threats and rewards in the brain, leaders can gain a better understanding of how to develop themselves and others based on these five fundamental issues of importance to the human brain.


  • 60-min Interactive, High-Energy Keynote
  • Learn the SCARF model and how it can help you become a better leader
  • Discover what the brain prioritizes processing and what really matters to people at the subconscious level
  • Learn the neuroscience of engagement and mobilizing followership
  • Know the brain-based steps you need to take to become a better (neuro) leader

A Motivated Mind

Optimizing Your Brain for Higher Productivity

Everyone knows the feeling of having more items on our ‘to-do’ lists than time in our day, or knowing something needs to get done you just can’t find the energy to do. Some will assure you that better ‘time management’, ‘self-management’ or ‘managing through others’ is the key to higher productivity – though brain-sciences inform that none of this is true. Better motivation and higher productivity are within reach: they require better energy management.

This keynote highlights the path of least resistance for moving from a ‘surviving’ or even ‘striving’ mindset into a ‘thriving’ one using secrets from brain science and principles of energy management. Discover how you can feel more motivated and be more productive by setting your brain, self, and day up for success.



Over 90% of all neural processing and 95% of decision-making is being made by your non-conscious brain. Despite how it might feel, most of your perceptions, experiences, decisions, and conclusions are made at a subconscious level, fed to the conscious brain, mediated by the social, emotional, biological parts of your brain. In other words, you aren’t using nearly all of your brain to your purposeful advantage – yet! To be more successful, you have to learn to harness your whole brain, unleashing the power of the subconscious parts as well.

This keynote busts brain myths and highlight the 6 ‘brain secrets’ that anyone can use to unleash their whole brain toward greater personal and professional successes.


Maintaining Accuracy, Productivity, Relevance throughout Your Career

Our brains naturally and normally change with age more than we think—‘like a fine wine’ some things get better with age, while other abilities decline. Either way, knowing the difference is key: as example, research shows that our decision-making errors increase with age, while our confidence in our correctness also increases – we are making more errors, we are just surer we aren’t! Other abilities and processing meanwhile gets more acute, skills get honed, and we get better at all kinds of role functions and tasks.

Knowing what these are is key to maintaining accuracy, productivity and relevance in the workforce throughout our careers, especially when it comes to interacting with and training next-gen workers, as well as through the succession planning process.