Eduardo Braun

Eduardo Braun has traveled across all five continents in recent years interviewing the greatest thinkers of the moment on issues such as Economics, Business Management, and Leadership.

He was director for almost 15 years of HSM Group / Wobi, the first global management multimedia organized annually by the World Business Forum, World Innovation Forum and Expo Management, among other world-class forums. Eduardo actively participated in the selection of contents for these forums and performed interviews for the television channel that belongs to the same group, ManagemenTV (now Wobi) that reaches more than 15 million homes in 25 countries.

In his role as an interviewer, he has had the chance to talk with some of history’s recent architects such as Alan Greenspan, Bill Clinton, Colin Powell, Madeleine Albright, Mikhail Gorbachev, Muhammad Yunus, Rudy Giuliani, and Tony Blair, among others. Many have interviewed Clinton on issues of international affairs and Giuliani on security issues, but few like Eduardo have managed to interview them on issues of leadership, teamwork and decision making.

Eduardo will soon publish his book “Great Leaders on Leadership” in which he thoroughly describes the keys to leadership, based on his interviews and his face to face interactions on and off camera with characters that have left their mark on recent history.

Eduardo is an industrial engineer from the University of Buenos Aires and has an MBA from Wharton School. He worked as an executive and entrepreneur in Europe, United States, and Latin America.



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