Eduardo Massé

Founder & CEO of Lappa. Master Practitioner in Positive Psychology and Applied Science of Integral Wellness. Eduardo begins his path as a coach and consultant by working with Anthony Robbins for 7 years. He’s the creator for BIT (Integral Welfare at Work) and the BAP system (Welfare Savings and Productivity). Author of: “I choose to wake up”, “Beehive” and “I stole 15 minutes to my life”. Eduardo has more than 15 years of experience working as a consultant, coach, mentor, seminarian, and lecturer in countries such as the USA, Canada, Spain, Peru, Colombia and Mexico.

Eduardo has experience working in the corporate world as company manager in companies in Canada, the United States, and Latin America, experience that has given him a greater comprehension of the corporate world at an international level. As a businessman, Eduardo was founder and CEO of publicity and media companies in Canada. In 2004, Eduardo began a project named “Hope In A Bottle”, that was aimed at the dissemination and education of breast cancer, a project that lead him to collaborate with the US president, Bill Clinton.

He studied International Commerce in Lima, Business Administration, Marketing, Marketing and Positive Psychology in the USA and Canada. Currently, Eduardo serves as founder and CEO of the Latin American Positive Psychology Association (LAPPA), which is an organization specialized in teaching programs, methods and techniques for the implementation of Applied Science of Integral Wellbeing and Positive Psychology, as well as coaching in positive psychology.

Eduardo Massé pours his charisma, passion, and talent in each and every one of his conferences, seminars and workshops, which make his events an enriching and unforgettable experience.