Enrique de la Madrid Cordero

He has the firm conviction that México can reach the development in this generation, and their experience in the public and private areas has taught them. He has a bachelor degree in Law by the UNAM, where he graduated with honors and got the “Gabino Barrela” medal for being the highest grades of his generation.

He also studied the masters in Public Administration, with a specialty in Finances, International Commerce and Relations in Mexico-USA in the School of Government John F.Kennedy of the University of Harvard.

He was Secretary of Tourism between August of 2015 and November of 2018. Under his management, the country got 6th place worldwide in receiving international tourists in the public area, beating touristic countries like U.K and Germany.

Before his appointment as Secretary, he also occupied different positions in the public area. He was the National Director of BANCOMEX, National Director of Rural Financial, Federal Deputy and Technical Coordinator of the Presidency of the National Banking and Stock Commission(CNBV), in addition to being an official of the Bank of México. In the business sector, he worked as Director of Institutional Relations and Corporate Communications in México and Latin America for HSBC, Executive President of the Mexican Council of the Industry of the Consumer Products(ConMexico) and an analyst in the area of financial services and bank investments in J.P. Morgan.

He has taught in Instituto Autónomo de México(ITAM) and participated in media, he writes weekly for the newspaper El Universal and comments in related themes in the program “Así Amanece”, of Proyecto 40. As a citizen, he is conscious that the problems of society have overthrown the government and traditional structures.


About his talk:
He has consolidated as a leader with a clear vision of the future that Mexico needs to aspire to.

Derived from his management of the Secretary of Tourism and all the other industries, he is a connoisseur of the big numbers and areas of the country. In the last years, he has reached the conclusion that Mexico could become a more developed country in a generation because it has sufficient tools to become one. Aware that the past practices could not apply to the complexities of the present, through his presentations he seeks to boost a vision of a future in which the use of technologies could be implemented in all the areas, even in the formulation of public policies and therefore to become a more inclusive and cosmopolitan society. For that motive, De la Madrid has tried to transmit a more integral perspective of Mexico nowadays and the Mexico we can aspire to be, in a way that everyone can understand, inviting the audience to become agents of change.