Enrique Krauze

Enrique Krauze Kleinbort was born in Mexico City on the 16th of September, 1947. A polemic editor, historian and essayist, director of Clío publishing house and the cultural magazine “Letras Libres”, he is a member of the board of Cervantes institute and of Televisa, the broadcast corporation.

He studied industrial engineering at Mexico’s National Autonomous University (UNAM) and later got his Ph.D. in history by the “Colegio de Mexico”. He began his public activity when he was 20 years old, participating as a university council in the School  Engineering from 1968 to 1970. For almost 20 years he collaborated with Octavio Paz in “Vuelta” magazine and is a member of the Mexican History Academy since 1989.


Work and collaborations
At 24 he published his first article in “¡Siempre!” magazine, about Corpus Thursday; a year later he started working in another magazine, “Plural”. He joined the prestigious “Vuelta” magazine in 1977 as a deputy editor. He was promoted to deputy director of the magazine in 1981, and held the post until 1996.

He founded “Clío” publishing in 1991. And in 1999 launches “Letras Libres”, a cultural magazine, published in Mexico and Spain.

He is the author of several books, among others the series ”Mexico Biography of power” (1987), “Textos heréticos” (1992), “La Presidencia imperial” (1997), “Mexicanos eminentes” (1999), “Travesía liberal” (2003), “La presencia del pasado” (2004)  and “Para salir de Babel” (2006). He is also the author of the documentaries “México Siglo XX” and “México Nuevo Siglo”, shown in Televisa, as well as “Mexico”, on PBS in the United States.


Critique to López Obrador
In his article “Mexico: Democracy under Threat”, Washington Post, Krauze claims “In articles and interviews published in the international press (written in a misleading tone of civility, far from that of his incendiary speeches), López Obrador has seriously damaged Mexico's young democracy by trying to sustain the unsustainable: that Mexico today is the same as Mexico in the days of PRI rule.”

Worth mentioning also is his article “The tropical messiah”, originally published in “Letras Libres” magazine and later reprinted in several publications since 2006. Through a deterministic and psychological view, Krauze paints President López Obrador´s character as temperamental and fratricidal, and being the representative of a cuasi univocal political project.

In terms of his political views, Enrique Krauze is self-defined as a liberal, same as his mentor the famous writer Daniel Cosío Villegas.



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