Current Activities
National director of the Business and Survey areas of the Reforma Group that have published the “Reforma”, “El Norte”, “Mural” and “Word” newspapers, since 2000.

Enrique Quintana

Author of the “Coordinates” column, specialized in economic and financial issues, which has been published since 1988, in these newspapers and in others in Mexico.

Commentator on economic issues of the “Morning Monitor” news.



Professional Activity
He has 18 years of experience in specialized journalism in economic and financial matters.

He was the director of information of the financial information agency Infosel Financiero and coordinator of Analysis and Economic Information in the newspaper “El Financiero”. (1985-1996)

He was the news director of Grupo Radio Centro and director of the news station Format 21. (1997-2000)

He was the conductor and director of the news “Focus” broadcast on Stereo 100. (1992-1994)

He was the conductor of the news “Environment” broadcast on Stereo Rey. (1991)

He was professor-researcher at UNAM, at UAM, at the Universidad Iberoamericana and at the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM). (1984-1992)


Academic Training
He has a Master’s degree in Economic Sciences from UNAM and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the same university.

He has published essays in specialized magazines and various collective books on economic and financial matters.