Felipe Gómez

Felipe Gómez Arbeláez is an administrator of companies by the University of Los Andes in Bogotá, with an MBA of IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Throughout his career, he has been an entrepreneur. In 1995, he founded Ink., the Colombian company pioneer in multimedia, interactivity, and internet, and after several years of success, growth and expansion to Ecuador and Costa Rica, he looked for investors and scaled the operation to one of the first and most successful companies of consultancy in new technologies with offices in 7 countries of Latin America. In this company, he led the charges of director of Central America and the Caribbean, and member of the directive board.

In the year 2003, Felipe took the position of president founder and member of the Directive Board of Farmacity, Colombia, which was the first chain of pharmacies on a big scale in Colombia, where he created successfully an innovative culture of intra-entrepreneurship.In this role, he introduced this chain of warehouses to Colombia, accomplishing a net of more than 14 premises in 2 years.

He was president of “Compass Group Colombia”, principal company to a worldwide level in feeding services and of support between 2009 and 2014, later he played as director of innovation and growth of new businesses for the entire Latin-American region.

Nowadays he is dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship, innovation, and virtuosity in his talks and next book “E-Attitude”(“Actitud-E”).

Felipe has been named twice as an Outstanding Delegate in the World Summit of Young Entrepreneurs in Paris in 1998 and in New York in the year 2000, event hosted by the United Nations and the Leadership Institute of Harvard. He has conferences about entrepreneurship and applications of new technologies in industries, in universities such as Stanford, Darden School of Business, Cesa, and the University of Los Andes and international events in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, México, Argentina, Center America, Austria, and Colombia.