Felipe González

After the victory obtained by the PSOE in the elections of the 28 of October in 1982, in which Felipe González obtained the 48,11% of suffrage and 202 deputies, being the first absolute majority of a party in the democracy in Spain, besides of occupying the highest number of deputies until today,he was elected president of the Spanish government by the Congress of Deputies and led a government with Alfonso Guerra as his vice president. This accomplishment implied that, for the first time since the general elections in 1936, a leftist party was going to rule.

Besides, according to many historians, he ended the period know as the Spanish transition, beginning the II Legislature.

Felipe González won also the elections of 1986,1989 and 1993 and after loosing by the minium the ones of 1996, he retires of the first political line. In the elections of 1986, he obtained the absolute majority of 184 deputies.

In the elections of 1989, the PSOE kept a deputy of the absolute majority, with 175 seats (the exact half of the Congress).

In the elections of 1993, he accomplished 159 seats, 16 less than in ’89, even though he won the elections after obtaining 18 more than the PP (that had 141)

In the elections of 1996, he lost 18 deputies compared with the ones of ’93, with 141 deputies, being the winner of the elections of PP that time. The difference was a bit more than 1%, being this the most closed elections of the history of Spain until then.