Fernanda Familiar

It’s been 14 years of work experience that Fernanda has in the communication media:

  • Coordinator of P.R., quadrant producer, official voice of “Radio Sportiva 690 am”, “La estación de Los deportes” (the station of sports).
  • Producer of the program “¡Hola, qué tal!” (“Hi, what’s up?”), conducted by Gloria Calzada.
  • Voice and marketing manager of FM 96.9
  • Coordinator of marketing and P.R. in “MVS Deportes” and “MVS television.
  • Vice-director of press, radio, and television of Ocesa.
  • Show director of the news program ”Hechos” in Azteca Television.
  • Coverage of the Atlanta Olympic Games in 96 in “Los Protagonistas” in the section “Nada Familiar”
  • Voice of the 88.2 FM and Voice of 95.3 Amistad Stereo.
  • TV Host of the show Fernanda in FM GLOBO.
  • TV Host of “Fernanda, una línea de encuentro”.
  • Voice of the brands: Domino’s Pizza, Blue Jeans, Pepsi, Palmolive, and Lux Optics.
  • Show director in Radio MVS.
  • TV host of the Televisa program ”Hasta en las mejores familias”.
  • Columnist of the newspaper “Reforma”.
  • TV host in the program “Hoy” in Televisa.


Currently, she is the director of the program “¡Qué tal, Fernanda!”/(“What’s up Fernanda!). She is an editor and conceptualizer in the magazine “Fernanda” that is currently on circulation; likewise, she offers conferences to many companies, social groups and universities.