Gair Maxwell

As an in-demand Resource Speaker with TEC Canada and Vistage International, I’ve had the honor of speaking to over 100,000 people in many different countries.  I’ve worked with hundreds of CEO’s, senior executives and solopreneurs to help them reinvent and re-ignite their companies and careers.  I have also been blessed beyond belief to work with some of the world’s most dynamic companies, like Caterpillar and the Apple Specialist Marketing Group, while sharing conference stages with icons such as Richard Branson and Gene Simmons.

Gair Maxwell inspires those who are deadly serious about disrupting the marketplace by inspiring them to reach new heights in a new era!  His clients have experienced 15-20X growth by reinventing their businesses; transforming them to become incredibly DIFFERENT, extremely RELEVANT with LEGENDARY impact.

Signature Keynotes

Gair Maxwell’s dynamic presentations do more than inform and inspire; they challenge and invigorate your audience with actionable ideas that can be implemented immediately.  With a strong history of delivering energizing, interactive programs to a wide range of organizations, Gair creates a robust, experiential environment with the use of video, music, stunning imagery, success stories and real-time exercises.

Based on your desired outcomes and the unique characteristics of your audience, Gair customizes his programs in a way that sparks imaginations and leaves people revved up and ready to integrate new, fresh ideas, both personally and professionally.

“Gair is an inspiring figure. He makes you want to get up and achieve something. As good a speaker as I’ve ever heard.”


The Promise


Your audience will be fired-up and inspired to see their world – and their place in it – DIFFERENTLY.


Since no two presentations are the same, you can be certain that my content will be tailored to address specific industry or company issues – using as much of your lingo as humanly possible.


Before and after the event, you can be confident that I am easily accessible and will do a few “little things” that will be relevant to your audience. As a Canadian, I take a lot of pride in being a low maintenance guy who can easily roll with any punches.

Branding Highway

This high voltage presentation follows the route of a metaphorical road trip with key pit stops to help any firm of any size recognize how to: create substantial DIFFERENTIATION, turn customers into ADVOCATES and establish a brand legacy that rivals some of the best in the world.  Join Gair Maxwell for an adventurous, wide-open ride on THE BRANDING HIGHWAY and discover how otherwise ordinary companies have achieved extraordinary 15-20X growth over a 5-year period, and inspired employee buy-in … all while slashing their advertising budget!

With his presentation style described as equal parts, being: “captivating”, “mesmerizing” and “electrifying” Gair reveals why developing a remarkable brand involves much more than picking colors, a logo or recycling vanilla pudding promises that speak of “quality”, “innovation” and the usual “features, advantages and benefits.”  With eye-popping clarity, he exposes the universal secrets of iconic brands such as Apple, Ferrari and Harley-Davidson; how you can leverage those same principles to create a “Category of One” and generate higher volumes of inbound business as the preferred choice of customers – no matter how crowded or volatile your marketplace.

THE BRANDING HIGHWAY has been described as both a journey and a destination, designed to help your brand spend less time convincing and more time connecting in a way that inspires meaningful relationships and customers for life.  Audiences walk away with relevant and actionable ideas; knowing with full confidence how any brand — regardless of product or service category — can be re-aligned and re-ignited to boost revenues & profitability, while increasing market share and shareholder equity.  Get ready, buckle up, rev up your imagination engine, and take the next off ramp to bypass your competitors with an experiential road trip designed to kick-start your marketing efforts into the fast lane!

The Reinvention Code

“How can you WIN in the long run if your rate of reinvention is slower than the rate of market change?”

Today’s warp speed and rapidly-changing world demands the ability to “re-invent”, which in reality has become more of a necessity than a choice.  In this riveting, highly interactive presentation, International Speaker & Author Gair Maxwell, reveals universal secrets to successful reinvention; whether it’s an established company that needs to pivot and plot a new course, a business looking to re-position and re-brand, or a community that needs to inspire renewal while battling evil forces of protectionism, blame, and bureaucracy.

With an experiential, multi-media approach, Gair will divulge secrets and stories you’ve never heard … and will never forget. You will discover common patterns identified by a Depression-era Austrian economist who breaks down what separated Kodak, Sears and Blockbuster, from:  Apple, Amazon & Netflix and how to avoid a similar fate.  Drawing on insights that range from the famed Pony Express to Henry Ford, the D-Day landings, the rock band KISS and the Moneyball era Oakland A’s, THE REINVENTION CODE™inspires people and organizations to fashion a new future; liberated from the past.

With contagious enthusiasm, Gair draws on deeply personal experiences and a mountain of first-hand research to help you see how small ideas… can trigger massive breakthroughs and create epic possibilities!  Once the ‘conference smoke’ clears and the emotional dust settles, you will have unusual clarity about what is on your horizon for the next decade.  You will see the Road to Reinvention for what it really is, making  the journey that much easier by utilizing the unyielding, universal principles to pay attention to (and what to avoid).   As you consistently make positive choices that multiply week by week, year-by-year, you will disrupt traditional industries, change consumer behavior, alter economics, and transform lives.

If you believe the ability, capacity and willingness to reinvent has become THE critical business and personal development issue of our time… If you believe that now more than ever, people and organizations face a simple choice to. ‘Be Relevant or Be Relegated’ …  and if you believe we all need to ‘Disrupt, or face being Disrupted’, THE REINVENTION CODE is the ideal program to give status quo a swift kick to the curb and kick start creativity, momentum and original thinking in times of rapid change.

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