Ian Khan

Ian Khan is a motivational speaker and technology futurist focused at inspiring audiences through the possibilities of the future. Ian has spoken at TEDx three times, and has been featured on CNN, CTV, Global TV and others. He is oe of the most quoted experts on emerging technology and is a high energy speaker who brings excitement and inspiration to the audience. Ian is also a film director and has recently released his documentary film “Blockchain City”, an inspirational and motivational work to help viewers worldwide understand the world of tomorrow and how to be successful in an era of disruption. Ian’s book and success methodology “The 7 Axioms of Value Creation”, provides a seven step success formula for today’s fast changing times.


The Future is Now

A highly insightful talk in which Ian opens up a world of possibilities and how emerging technology is completely reshaping the world. From career success to creating purpose, and the possibility of solving some of the biggest challenges humanity is faced today, Ian massively simplifies technologies such as Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to help formulate ideas that can be used to change the world. This is a highly motivational talk in which Ian helps attendees uncover their capability and rise above every challenge to be successful.