Iván Babic

“If everything you do, you do it for people’s sake, you’ll find coherence in life, this will help you create world-wide business ideas, the one’s you wish, and the one’s that work, becoming a better human being in the process”. If you agree with this statement, let me introduce you to Ivan Babic.

Partner in Innovation and founder of “Business as Unusual”. International speaker and great storyteller. If you want to challenge the paradigms of your organization, you must invite Ivan. Marketing and innovation expert, entrepreneur and developer of Startups, he has created several methods and models applying the main focus of Human- Centered Approach to create new different way to run business.

With more that 20 years of fun career, exciting and successful in advertising, and with two failed entrepreneur projects of his own, Ivan learned the hard way about the lack of common sense in the business area.

“After years of being involved in the entrepreneur system, and with my experience working with every size clients in Venezuela, Spain and México, I realized almost everyone of them had a lack of something… good ideas. Everything seemed to be about finances, structure, viability, technology and communications. Each one of them needed to change and really innovate, of course they had the pressure on them, but they didn’t know where to go next”.

Ivan has a communications degree by the Catholic University of Andres Belo in Caracas Venezuela, and a Master in Business Entrepreneurship by the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain as well.

You’ll find different topics in his conference, such as: Human-Centered Approach, Mental and behavior tendencies, innovation, creation of value, startups, storytelling, marketing, entrepreneur and creativity; all of them focused by: Innovation- Driven Bussinesses.