José Luis Nueno

He is a professor in the marketing department at IESE. He received his doctorate in marketing at Harvard University, his master’s in Business Administration at IESE and a law degree from the University of Barcelona.

Professor Nueno published for Harvard University: ZARA: Fast Fashion, which focuses on Inditex, a clothing retailer from Spain, which has installed an extremely fast response system for its ZARA chain. Instead of predicting months before a season begins, what women will want to use, ZARA does an extensive market research and analysis and decides what to continuously produce.

His fields of interest include distribution channels and manufacturer/distributor relationships. José Luis Nueno has published articles on globalization, commercialization of consumer goods and luxury goods and marketing relationships. He has directed sessions for executives in about 50 corporations, including Loewe, Antonio Puig, LVMH, L’Oréal, Bodegas Torres and has lectured in multiple industries.

His most recently published books are:

“¿Por qué comercia tan poco el comercio electrónico?”, (1999)
“Gestión de precios”, (1998)
“Consumidor al filo del siglo XXI”, (1998)
“Gestión de roturas de stocks”, (2003)
“La naturaleza del gasto”, (2004)
“Las claves de la innovación”, (2005)
“El consumidor maduro en España”, (2005)

José Luis sits on the Board of TOUS, LOMONACO, Adolfo Domínguez, MPG (Media planning), Juno, Uría Menéndez, Miguel Torres, Puig Beauty and Fashion, Gal. He previously participated as executive director with Exel Logistics in Spain.

He is also a Corporate Consultant (from 1986 to date he has worked on more than 150 projects for global clients) and advises national and international corporations in marketing and strategy areas.