José María Figueres

When he was chosen the president of Costa Rica from 1994 to 1998, he became the youngest head of state in the modern history of CenterAmerica.

During his presidency, Figueres launched a comprehensive sustainable development strategy based on the combination of solid macroeconomic indicators, with an inversion politics of human development, and a strong alliance with nature through the implementation of innovating environmental politics.

Prior to his presidency, he was the Minister of Foreign Trade (1987-1988) and Minister of Agriculture.

In international matter, José María Figueres has been a pioneer in the link between sustainable development and technology, both in the public sector and ONG’s. He collaborated in the creation of the Information and Technology Work Group in the Communication of the United Nations, he is also the founder of the Costa Rican Foundation for the Sustainable Development (Entebbe). In 2003, president Figueres started his connection with “World Economic Forum”, from which he became its first managing director in 2003. During his term in this organization, Figueres reinforced the links between this organization and the social and governmental sectors, identifying long-term interests in common.

José María Figueres is currently working in the development and technology field. He is managing director of “Concordia 21”, located in Spain, focused on supporting organizations that promote the development and democratic values in the world.

President Figueres has a degree in industrial engineer by the Military Academy of the United States in West Point and a master in Public Administration by Harvard’s John F. Kenny School.


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