Juan Alberto González Esparza

Juan Alberto González Esparza(Beto), General Director and Founding Partner of the enterprise, it’s a leader of visionary thinking and an accomplished innovator in business. He has more than 25 years of Experience, inspiring positive changes in people, team works and global organizations. He has been widely praised for his leadership and excellency, as for his approach in business ethics and social responsibility.

His professional experience includes 23 years in big positions with Microsoft; first as CEO in Perú and Colombia, after as a CEO for the Andean región and later as a CEO for Microsoft Mexico. Today he is the vice president of the foundation “Ojos que sienten” and treasurer of the foundation USA-México.

In the academic ambit, he has a postgraduate in leadership named Bench Program of the University of Wharton and other professional certifications. He studied leadership in Sloan Executive Education at MIT and got a bachelor’s degree in Engineering in Cybernetics and Computer Science from the University of La Salle of Mexico City. He is certified by the school SpeakEasy in San Francisco and has been involved in INSEAD seminars in Paris.


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