Juan de Lascuráin

Juan de Lascuráin is a Mexican entrepreneur and designer, owner of a brand named “Dream Big”, focused on inspiring and helping people to encourage them on the pursuit of their dreams. He was a college tennis player in the United States, professional triathlete competing in the 1990 Ironman in Hawaii, and he currently is the host on the TV show “Dream Big”, his designs have over 25 collaborations with world known brands.


About his conference

The conference “Sueña en grande” is divided in 5 main topics: Find your talent, dream big, have faith, work hard, and give. Juan uses his personal experiences on how he achieved his dreams, and how you can turn your ideas into reality.


What does the audience take?

The assistants learn to believe that their dreams can be accomplished by hard work, and efficiency, helping them to overcome obstacles in order to become better employees and better human beings. They will have fun as well, learning that the limits does not exist, just the ones within ourselves.