Juan Lombana

Juan Lombana started working for Google at the age of 19, while his first semester of University. By giving conferences about what today is best known as Google Adwords, Juan soon became one of the 23 best digital marketers in the world, according to Google. You can consult the rest of the list here:


His work in Google led him to collaborate in TV and radio as an expert, sharing scenario with big businessmen and experts in the area, as Steve Wozniak and Carlos Slim.

Juan recently opened “Mercatitlán”, an education and digital marketing company, with the goal of teaching anyone to take advantage of these tools on their own, making it in a simple friendly and fun way.


About his conference
“Tu negocio en internet y perros con ropa” is a dynamic, educational and unique conference, about social media, e-commerce, big data, digital marketing and other tendencies that involve your business in order to succeed at this time.


What does the audience take?
– Knowledge of different digital marketing tools.
– Awareness about the importance of the internet in business.
– A fun hour, full of laughter and education.