Luis Díaz

The successful story of Luis ”Chapulín” Díaz is highly praised in international motoring and has a thing in common with the world of business: the leadership of a champion. The experience in the racetrack and his relevance in the sports world have provided him to bring the world of business his fresh perspective, of what it means of being a successful man… and how to reach it!

In the year of 1989, Díaz starts his career. He runs go-karts and becomes the national champion of karts in the “A” category and two-time champion in the Super 100 c.c.Later, in 1996, he was Rookie of the Year in the Reynard Fórmula, in which he ended in third place.

Two years after that he became the champion of Fórmula México and the next season he participated in the Pan American Indy lights, where he was crowned Rookie of the Year. “Chapulín” Díaz was the first Mexican to accomplish a triumph in that category.


About his conference:
With bases in the topic created by motoring, who better than the champion and actual pilot of de FIA WEC?. Through his story, he will transmit the attendees the passion, courage, and values needed to succeed in good and bad times. The conference lasts approximately 1:10 min, in which Luis, with the help of visuals of photography and videos, offers a dynamic and fun talk that will thrill the audience.

The inspiring participation of Luis ”Chapulín” Díaz will also allow the attendee to make their own principles that can be applied in the real world to obtain true results. Being a champion in the most important race of your life and the world of sports in business, Luis “Chapulín” Díaz will definitely get attention.

Additional dynamics:(Pit Stop)
In addition to the conference, el “Chapulín” can also facilitate a dynamic to show the efficiency of teamwork with a pit stop. You could have in your event a quarter of a racing car so the members of the audience can check for themselves how can the work of each one it’s important so the team can move on.