Luis Iván Cuende

He learned to program as an 11-year-old. With 12, he designed his first operating system and at 15 won his first award in Berlin. The “Hacker” Luis Iván Cuende doesn’t even have 20 years old, but he has known failure and has written a book against the educational system. Now he is preparing a tool to “retire” the notaries.

Many know him for the book “Tengo 18 años y ni estudio ni trabajo” (”I am 18 years old and I don’t even study and work”) (2014) that included a ruthless review about the educational system and has given him notoriety.

His most recent project is “Stampery”, where he works as CTO, a system of certification of messages that are based on the technology of BitCoin, the virtual currency and is capable of certifying without error the property of a document and the exact hour of the shipment. If Stampery succeeds, it could retire all the notaries in an obligatory way.

Luis Ivan Cuende was born on the 26 of September of 1995 and touched his first keyboard with barely 3 years, but didn’t hooked on programming until he has 11.

“It was then when I discovered free software and the philosophy that has behind it”, he explains. “At first I didn’t saw the differential value. Later I realized that people like me could download this programs and use them”