Luis Valls

Luis Valls has created a different conference, which objective is the young entrepreneurs, those who follow a dream and accomplish their goals.

Entrepreneur and business innovator, with 27 years at the hotel industry, in 2005 he decided to become a mature entrepreneur, he started with 45 years old.

Founder of a speakers agency named ‘Speakers México’, he learns side by side with national and worldwide leaders, men and women with life experiences, that are an example. He managed to position his business inside the top ten new business in Mexico.

His conference encourages young people to know the real message inside reliable success stories, by sharing moments with the worldwide leaders he has brought to Mexico. He decides to share with young people the message of how to be an entrepreneur without losing their minds; the young one who needs to look for influence power in his environment; the crisis understanding, and above all, believing in each person’s own values.