On April 27, 1975, without knowing it, Maikel Melamed began to fight with himself. His first fight was reaching the world. His birth was complicated when his umbilical cord surrounded his neck, suffocating him, almost taking his life and leaving him without movement. Psychomotor delay. This is what they called the
reason of his frustrations, but also their greatest encouragement for work paths: his and of those who follow it.

Maikel Melamed

The doctors who attended his birth said he would not walk… and he walked. They also said that he would not speak and today he speaks even in English. Then they said that he could not climb the mountain or run freely and in 2006 he climbed the Bolivar Peak (5,007 meters above sea level) and ran the New York Marathon (2012) and the half marathons of Bogotá (2010), Miami (2011) and even that of the Andean Development Corporation (CAF) in Caracas (2012). He flew in paragliding, skydiving and even dived.

He attended high school at the Hebraica College and obtained the degree of economist from the Andrés Bello Catholic University. In Venezuela, he began to explore experiential education and stayed there. He trained as a Gestalt psychotherapist, to meet his weaknesses and strengthen them, motivate himself and begin to inspire others with the slogans he used and now yields to collective use: Nothing is so difficult as not to try, and what is now the title of his first book, “If you dream it, make it happen”.

Thus, 10 years have passed in which Maikel has worked as a speaker, facilitator and workshop leader for organizations in Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, and the United States. His work made him sit down several nights with a group of friends during 2009 that would become the organization Peace With Everything, a space of motivation for peace, where young people inspire everyone to contribute from what they are and from what they do. Since then, they have worked hand in hand with the United Nations System in Venezuela to carry out a campaign and concert that invites Venezuelans to be “Crazy for Peace”.

His work invites people to forget about the impossible, negative phrases, barriers and obstacles, to discover that the potential of each person only needs a little push and an example to be seen.

Beyond limits

Mental paradigms are often more challenging and difficult to overcome than physical ones. Maikel, through his history and laughter, will connect your individual needs with your personal passions. This is your personal challenge, changing the lives of people who follow you in a positive way. A “yes you can”, and as he always says … If you dream it, make it happen.


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