Manuel Bogado

Manuel Bogado has been one of the Latin-American executives with the biggest exposition in multiple industries, corporate cultures, and geographies. Among 20 years of local, regional and global experience, he worked in several directives and in some of the biggest worldwide corporations (United Nations, Johnson & Johnson, PGA of America, ABN AMRO, HSBC).

This might be enough to attract companies that expect a realistic and practical conference, with high corporate content and with global experience in every kind of scenario. Nevertheless, the thing that makes Manuel Bogado different is his high experience around the world and the creation of a unique Conceptual Tool system for the development of Leadership and Strategy.

The 5 strategic dimensions, the 4 kingdoms of leadership, the 5 strategic wisdoms, SIWA’s triangle, the strategic pyramid eras, are some of the techniques used to built and empower the strategic knowledge and leadership that your teams need to generate changes and grow.

Traveling back and forth to more than 50 countries, he has lived in each one of the continents, having multiple nationalities and knowledge of several languages. Manuel is an explorer and citizen of the world. He has collected diverse and unusual experiences that can captive the most demanding audience; from clandestine interviews inside búnkers with Palestine leaders, climbing in some of the world’s highest mountains (2 of the 7 mountains), immersion in the Japanese Culture, and their Zaibatsus; to bold immersions inside the fundamentalistic Egyptian and Islamic circles.

Throughout the years, he has received scholarships by the United Kingdom, Israeli and Japanese governments, this introduced him into strategic studies. In 1995 the International Politics, Military strategy, History, and Diplomacy introduced him into the fundamentals that determine the destiny of our organizations: Strategy and Leadership.

After that, he has received scholarships from companies, complementing his strategic studies in business from Harvard, strategic thinking from Wharton, and leadership from Harvard’s Business school, being a student of John. P. Kotter.

His studies in Brasil, France, and Egypt complement Manuel Bogado’s extensive academics. In 2013 he’s been introduced as an international team member of John C. Maxwell, one of the biggest worldwide leadership experts.


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