Marco Antonio Regil

Marco Antonio Regil has dedicated almost 25 years of his life to Spanish-speaking radio and television. He started in 1985 by winning an amateur contest organized by Super Stereo 90 of the Uniradio group in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora.

He continued his radio career in the border area of San Diego and Tijuana, within the “Radio Latina” team and in 1990 he joined the Televisa Tijuana team, then directed by Emilio Azcárraga Jean.

1993 was the year that marked his arrival in the “major leagues” in Mexico City, with Stereo 102 of Televisa Radio and made his international debut when he led one of the stellar nights of the Acapulco 93 Festival, an opportunity he received from Raúl Velasco.

From that moment on, his career took a great leap. Several “Festival Acapulco” beauty contests, Telethon in Central America, “Ritmoson” and a large number of specials, in addition to continuing with live radio, definitely contributed to his training as an animator.

On October 6, 1997, after 12 years of career, Televisa and Enrique Segoviano gave him their vote of confidence to present “Atínale al Precio”. “100 Mexicanos Dijeron”, “Qué dice la gente”, “Bailando por la Boda de mis Sueños”, “Los 5 Magníficos”, “Teletón”, “Miss México” “Premios Lo Nuestro” and the May 5th celebration at the White House, are some of the many international programs and events that he has hosted.

In his career, Marco Antonio Regil has been recognized as the best host in Mexico by receiving the most important awards and being a spokesman for leading brands such as McDonald’s, Telmex, Pepsico, and Nestlé, among others. In 2008 he took his first step dabbling in English television, becoming the first Latino to drive ”The Price is Right Live” in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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