Muhammad Yunus

Muhammad Yunus is the founder of Banco Grameen, an entity that gives poor people microcredits, saving hundreds of Bangladeshis compatriots from the misery. Yunus and his bank were awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize thanks to the fair economy for the poor classes.

In 1969, Muhammad Yunus received his Ph.D. in Economy by the Vanderbilt University, which he could access thanks to a Fulbright scholarship. After a short experience as a teacher in Tennessee, he returned to Bangladesh in 1971, working for the Chittagong University in the Rural Economy Department. Thanks to Grameen Banks’s success in creating a worldwide model, he applied an economic and social politic focused on the construction of schools and rural habitats.

He is an international personality recognized for his work as a collaborator and consultant for the UN, as well as his work in international foundations specialized in health, education, and disaster prevention.


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