Nathan Schulhof

Nathan Schulhof has been a visionary from the beginning of the Technology Era, bringing new and innovative devices and technologies to our world such as the MP3 Player and many other technologies that have changed our world.

The Listen Up device (The first MP3 Player) won an Innovations award from the Consumer Electronics Show and was later selected to receive the People’s Choice award from the Upside Magazine / “David Coursey Internet Showcase”. Mr. Schulhof has worked with and consulted for Apple Computer since 1980.

Schulhof has researched and worked with Green Energy and Futuristic Technologies over the last decade where he was the founder or adviser of several companies bringing to market Disruptive Technologies. Schulhof founded Future Technology Corporation which developed low wattage power systems for developing Nations.

Schulhof also cofounded Solar Components,, which received an Innovation award “at the Consumer Electronic Show for its solar charger. Most recently Schulhof has focused on researching Fuel Cells and Power Systems for developing Nations.

Schulhof has helped develop efficient products to light homes and change the life of individuals that live in areas without electricity.

Today Schulhof is on the Board and continues to consult and advise Futuristic Companies and delivers Keynote speeches around the world where he enlightens his audiences about what these technologies will be like in the future and how to use them to lead a better and healthier life.

Keynote: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and how it will be much more disruptive and exciting to our lives, than the personal computer.
With a focus on the great opportunities, and how future products and technologies will change our daily lives forever, much more than the personal computer did.