Oscar Salazar

He is one of the three original founders and the former CTO of the international transportation tech company known as Uber. He currently sits on an advisory board at Uber while serving as a founder of medical start-up Pager and a Vice President of Technology at tech start-up Ride.

One of Salazar’s primary focus and new-found products Ride works like this: A company signs up to be part of Ride and advertises the service to its employees. Each participant declares where they live, what type of car they drive and whether they prefer to be a driver or passenger, or either. Ride uses algorithms to group workers together based on where they live and when they commute to and from work. In each group, the person farthest from the office geographically is designated as the driver and picks up colleagues along the route, using directions from the app.

While start-up Ride revolutionizes the way one commutes, Salazar’s other tech venture Pager looks to redefine the medical care industry by bringing the medicine to you. With Pager one can summon a “Board-certified doctor or nurse to treat anything from colds and flus to sprains and strains.” The start-up has over $20 million in funding to date.

Salazar was born in Mexico and got his master’s degree in Canada at the University of Calgary and his PhD in Paris. Salazar also has contributed to the tech scene back in Mexico by working from executive positioning in social start-up, Citivox.