Pedro Ferriz de Con

Freedom of speech promotor for 33 years in México. Motivator of the generation of Mexicans that aspire to live a life of dignity and compromise in being citizens on a fulltime basis. Pedro Ferriz de Con creates the second generation of Comunicadores Ferriz, which has opened its way in the radio, T.V, and journalism.

Shareholder of “Imagen, “Excélsior” and “Cadenatres”, not only he assumed a commitment with truth, but with the development of his country. He has given over 3,200 conferences during his career in every single forum, always accepting the consequences of his philosophy.

Open to different ways of thinking and total rejection of populist strategies, that take advantage of the ignorance of the most vulnerable. In over three decades he has held dialogues with almost every famous character from the end of the XX century and the beginning of the XXI century.

Pedro Ferriz de Con has a commitment not only with his particular audience, but with every single audience. Complete respect for the people who don’t agree with him. He is a Civil Engineer, got his degree in the Ibero-American University, and has a master’s in applied math in Fleming College located in Lugano, Switzerland.


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