Quique Wolff

In 1974, being the Argentinian National Team and River Plate’s captain, Quique Wolff decided to accept being part of the Deportive Union ‘Las Palmas’, a Spain team fighting their way to avoid relegation. That specific decision made everyone think he was crazy, but he is currently a renowned journalist at ESPN, he understood it was a great opportunity to accomplish one of his biggest dreams: to wear Real Madrid’s jersey.

Not only has he achieved that dream during two seasons, but he was considered the best football player of the Spanish league, leaving an indelible imprint. But most importantly, he understood that beyond talent, the most important thing in football and in life, is teamwork, in order to achieve what everyone calls success but he translates in happiness.

Almost 40 years after making that decision, being one of the most known figures worldwide in sports journalism, Quique Wolff published “Trabajar en equipo es un golazo”,  a result of all the knowledge obtained in the field and in his work in media.

Inside the motivational conferences he’s been giving 15 years from now, he shows how the football team success is a product of teamwork, which can be applied in daily labors.


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