Rafael Limón

Experience, dynamism, and humor are the main qualities of this speaker.

20 years as a sales team leader, breaking records in México and the United States.

The last 10 years, Rafael has been the main speaker in conferences based on his books “Cómo triunfar en cinco pasos” and “La aventura de conocer tu personalidad”.

Rafa has specialized in helping sales groups in different industries in order to raise its productivity between 20% and 30%.

About his keynote

The conference is focused on learning to raise the sales by knowing and using “Las Personalidades ACME”, which guides the audience to identify the people’s, and own personality.

Are you an eagle, a beaver, a monkey, or an elephant? You’ll find out through fun examples of everyday situations, and an analogy of this animal’s behavior in the animal kingdom.

Would you like to improve your team’s communication and raise sales by applying proved and easily applicable techniques?

The audience will know them and will definitely have fun with this conference that uses humor as main didactic tool.


  • Español
  • Inglés