Raúl Allegre

Raúl Allegre was born in Torreón, Coahuila and from a young age traced a road that few Mexicans share I sports. Raúl attended the University of Montana before transferring to Texas, where his wish to excel at a higher level led him to pursue an area of better projection, as well as the civil engineering career.

Once in Texas, he recognizes without shame and even shows a gesture of mischief, when he remembers that his effectiveness was “honestly quite mediocre. But, what helped me was that in the last quarter, the field goals that were important to tie or win a game, I could make. ” In general, his passes were effective when it mattered most and with the Longhorns, he achieved a national 2nd place in 1981.

Allegre managed to capture enough attention to receive an offer from the Dallas Cowboys, where Rafael Septién was already Super Bowl champion kicker. The decision was fueled by the same impetus that took him from the Laguna to the maximum stage of football: his projection. Where would they see him the most? What team would bring him better opportunities to play? It was the Cowboys that brought enough attention to assure him a spot on the Baltimore Colts by 1983.

In his first year, that coincided with the last one of the franchise in the capital of Maryland, Allegre converted the 85.7 of his field-goal attempts and 91.7 of his extra points. The Colts said goodbye to Baltimore with a 7 to 9 mark and they carried everything and left with their kicker and moved to their current headquarters: Indianapolis.

Since entering the NFL, Allegre carried the second place spot that accompanied him throughout his career, and saw his main actions in the Colts colors, but reached his highest glories with the New York Giants. After playing three seasons with the Colts, with three different head coaches, Allegre moved to Bill Parcells’ Giants who finished the 1986 season with a 12-4 mark and became XXI Super Bowl champions against the Denver Broncos. Raúl made 24 of his 32, 3 pointer attempts during the season, including a game were he kicked five field goals and gave his team the win against the Minnesota Vikings, 22-20.

In the Super Bowl, Allegre had his contribution in the third quarter to return the Giants’ advantage of two possessions and, thereafter, Phil Simms offense never stopped stepping on the accelerator.

Raúl stayed in New York until Parcells’ last season -in which he saw little activity-

and was part of the winning team of 1990. When Parcells moved, Allegre divided his time in 1991 with the Jets’ neighboring franchise. The Tuna moved to East Rutherford, but left an unforgettable legacy for his players, the franchise and the part of New York that enjoyed success for almost a whole decade.

His opinion stopped being that of an ex-player, who experienced first hand the life of a professional player of a contact sport, who experimented the incomparable adrenaline rush and now tries to bring his words to a public field. Allegre is currently an analyst, who a few years after culminating his trajectory through the NFL, dedicated himself to the media and the passing on of his sports-related knowledge.

In his special place as a Mexican who won a Super Bowl and now dedicates his life to sharing everything he learned on and off the field, Raúl never stops to exalt the path that an education in the United States can do to help so many young people that dream with taking the steps on the path that he made for the next generations.


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