Ricardo FINITO Lopez

He has been faced with 26 world championship fights and currently holds the Guinness World Record for going 12 years 1 month as world champion and 16 years 8 months without losing a single fight.

Ricardo has been named the best boxer in the world pound for pound, twice in Japan, once in Italy and once more in the United States.

He is world Champion in all four of the organizations that govern universal boxing: CMB, AMB, OMB and FIB.

He holds a record 51 fights won, 1 draw and 0 lost in almost 27 years of his boxing career. He retired as an unbeaten world champion.

Ricardo is now a boxing analyst and does commentary in championship fights. He is also a newspaper columnist for “Esto”, “Semanario” and the papers “Deportivo” and “Financiero”.

He is a lecturer who gives motivation, improvement and leadership talks aimed at private companies, universities, schools, clubs and social rehabilitation centers, in Mexico.

Ricardo entered the New York Hall of Fame on June 7, 2007, elected by unanimous world vote.


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