Ricardo Hausmann

Hausmann is an investigation pioneer of the causes of the macroeconomic volatility in the emerging markets,studying the role of the budgetary institutions and the politics in reaching a fiscal balance, the role of the external debt in the foreign coin in the economic crisis and their effects on the growth, poverty and inequity of countries in development.

Director of the “Center for International Development” in the University of Harvard, where he leads the efforts of the institution for resolving economic global challenges, by means of the application of the investigation of novelty.

He was the economic boss of the Interamerican Bank of Development, minister of the Planning of Venezuela, member of the directive board in the Central Bank of Venezuela, and president of the Committee for the Development of the worldwide Bank and the Monetary International Fund.

His writings have been published in economic international journals like

“Science, Journal of Development Economics”, “Journal of International Money and Finance” and “Journal of Economic Growth”. He is frequently mentioned in the “New York Times”, “Financial Times”, “The Economist”, “Wall Street Journal”, “Washington Post” and “Forbes Magazine”, among others.

Ricardo Hausmann has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and a Ph.D. in Economy by the Cornell University. He has coached more than 80 governments of countries in development in the creation of strategies and politics for economic growth.

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