Rosario Marín

Phd. Rosario Marín was the 14th treasurer of the United States and as such, became the first Mexican to occupy this position. Being the highest-ranking Latina in President Bush’s administration, she had to face and overcome many obstacles that came hand in hand with being an immigrant and as such, secured her place in the history of the United States.

The birth of Eric in 1985, her son with Down Syndrome, turned her life around. She became a faithful defender of families with children who have this ailment. In 1987, Rosario created the group “Strength to give support to Hispanic families who have children with disabilities”.

Rosario’s commitment to the disabled made her win several awards, including the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Prize, which she received in 1995 from the United Nations. Her career, both personal and professional, has moved and inspired the public throughout the world through her lectures.